Sentricon AG (above ground) Stations

How do you get rid of termites fast? Here at National Termite & Pest Control we like to use the best materials that are available to us to help our customers with their pest problem.

The Sentricon Termite Elimination Baiting System is what we have found to be the best at eliminating termites and keeping them away. The in-ground stations are placed around the perimeter of the home at approximately every 10 feet. Termite colonies that are around your home and in your home will find these stations as they naturally forage. Once they begin feeding on the bait, which they prefer over wood, they will feed it to every member of the colony, including the queen, eliminating the entire colony.

If we find an active colony in your home, we will install the Sentricon AG (above ground) station directly to the area of infestation and the termites will begin feeding on the bait immediately. This will insure that the colony if eliminated fast! Queen and all!

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please feel free to call me, Cliff Nipper, anytime at 229-273-1310 if you have a pest problem…or even a question. I’d love to speak with you and help you solve your pest problem!

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