pest-contol-americus-and-cordele-ga-professionalHere in Cordele and surrounding areas, everyone knows that pest control is an absolute necessity. Whether you own a business, or a a home, there are times when you need to treat for bugs, get rodent control, or even prevent and treat for termites. Finding a pest control company with experience, and proven results is a must for the job to get done right. National Termite and Pest Control has over 70 years of industry experience and a strong client base showing that our services can be trusted completely!
National Termite and Pest Control’s highly trained pest control professionals know where the bugs and rodents are hiding, what their eating and breeding habits are, and how to get rid of them quickly and safely. Using just the right amount of, carefully chosen, EPA registered products will keep your home or business free of pests and safe for children and pets without the mess that spraying leaves behind or the bad odor you get from most pesticides.
We specialize in customized termite and general pest management for your property – whether it’s a home, office, apartment building, commercial building (including high-rise), school or industrial plant.
We offer a number of services designed to meet your highest expectations at a reasonable price. All work is 100% guaranteed!
National Termite and Pest Control Services include click on link to learn more:

Perimeter Pest Control
Mosquito Reduction
Fire Ants
Real Estate Inspections
New Construction Pretreatments
Boat Dock Service

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